ESI cashless treatment for emergencies re-introduced

According to the latest news, ESI cashless treatment for emergencies has been re-introduced. To facilitate hassle-free, timely and cashless delivery of medical services to ESI beneficiaries, the ESI has issued instructions to hospitals with which they have tie-ups to allow direct admission. In the circular, ESIC has stated as: In case of dire n

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ESI amendment 2016 - draft law

The ESIC has issued a draft law which increases the ESI wage ceiling limit to Rs. 21,000 in the ESI amendment 2016 - draft law. According to the draft law, the ESI wage ceiling which was previously Rs. 15,000 has now been increased to Rs. 21,000. SO any employee who is having a gross earning of below the said Rs. 21,000 limit will be applicable f

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EPF and ESI returns can be filed together in the "Shram Suvidha" portal

In order to provide ease of compliance of the labour laws, the ministry of labour and employment has launched a web portal called the "Shram Suvidha". The portal was launched on Oct 16, 2014. Extending the facility further, the portal has also been enabled to provide EPF and ESI  return filing services. The major objective is to simplify the busi

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Ceiling For ESI contribution to be increased to Rs. 25000

EDIT: Oct 2016, latest changes for "ESI amendment 2016 - draft law". The Minister of Labour and Employment said the Employee’s State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) board has been considering to increase the ceiling limit for employees under ESIC coverage from the existing Rs. 15,000 a month to Rs. 25,000 a month.Currently, the ceiling for ESI is R

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ESI Scheme is implemented in non-implemented areas

The ESI Scheme is implemented in non-implemented areas in a phased manner. Under Section 56 of the ESI Act, provision of medical care under the ESI Scheme in the particular state is the responsibility of the State Governments.The Scheme can be extended to new areas only after completion of the necessary arrangements for providing medical care from

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