ECR 2.0 to reduce the complication present in the existing ECR portal

Electronic Challan Return, ECR 2.0

December 10, 2016

In order to reduce the complication present in the existing ECR portal and to ease the process, the EPFO has been planning to revise the existing ECR format and the ECR filing portal. The new ECR file format will be having only 11 fields, as opposed to the previous 25 fields, and this new version will be called ECR 2.0. 

The new ECR portal will replace the currently numerous and fragmented portal in a unified manner which will include ECR filing and payment process as well. 

ECR 2.0

ECR 2.0 will be based on UAN format which means only the contributions made by employees having UAN can be uploaded through the new ECR filing. 

The following fields are omitted in the new ECR version: 

  • Employee share due,
  • EPS contribution due,
  • Employer share due,
  • all arrears fields and
  • employee informative fields

UAN number and Gross Wages are the fields which are added.

In ECR version 2, all arrears related fields will be a part of a new arrears file and all employee’s information fields are captured at the time of UAN generation.

The attached document is the notification regarding the same: Notification on ECR version 2

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2 Responses to “Electronic Challan Return, ECR 2.0”

  1. Balasubramanian.S

    In the created upload file, the last blank line has not accepted in the ecr.

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