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Regular Return Filing Steps to be followed through SARAL TDS and FAQs

December 1, 2016

In this post, we shall discuss the procedure to be followed for the process of regular return filing using Saral TDS Software.

12 Steps to be followed to do eTDS regular return filing through SARAL TDS:

1.  Update Saral TDS to latest version of software (Updated with latest FVU 5.3).

2.  Create a file and enter the Deductor, Deductee and Employee details, under Master menu.

3.  Verify the PAN of Dedcutees & Employees.

4.  Enter the Challan details and Verify the Challan.

5.  Enter Deduction details and link to appropriate Challans.

6.  If any Zero TDS deductions, mention proper Non Deduction remark.

7.  Validate Lower/No Deduction Certificate Number.

8.  Generate Data Quality Report (DQR) and check for defaults.

9.  Generate eTDS return.

10.  Enter Token Number and check Quarterly Return filing status (QSS).

11.  Request and Download Form 16A from TRACES.

12.  Generate Form 16A.

To know more on the Frequently Asked Queries on eTDS regular return filing through Saral TDS, click here

Details to be verified before doing eTDS regular return filing;

1. TAN of the Deductor.

2. PAN of Employees and Deductees (Vendors).

3. Lower/No Deduction Certificate details.

4. Challan Details.

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2 Responses to “Regular Return Filing Steps to be followed through SARAL TDS and FAQs”


    We are using Saral TDS. We need to update the FVU file version.

  2. Ravi

    It would be great help, if there is a PPT showing same 12 steps. So, it will be easy for the people who use the software.

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