The key features of FVU 5.6

Key features of FVU 5.6

October 7, 2017

ITD has released new e-TDS/TCS File Validation Utilities (FVUs) today, FVU version 5.6 for quarterly e-TDS/TCS statement pertaining to FY 2010-11 onwards and FVU version 2.152 for quarterly e-TDS/TCS statement up to FY 2009-10.The new FVU is applicable for all TDS/TCS returns being filed from 7th October, 2017 onwards.

Key Features of new File Validation Utility (FVU) is as follows:

Change in validations for all section codes available for Form 27EQ

  • Remark “C” (i.e. for higher rate deduction) is made applicable for all sections available for Form 27EQ.
  •  “C” remark is only allowed when the values ‘PANAPPLIED’, ‘PANINVALID’ or ‘PANNOTAVBL’ are present in the field ‘PAN of Deductee’.
  •  In such case, total TCS amount has to be 5% or more of the field “Amount of receipt / debited”.
  • The above referred validations are applicable for Regular and Correction statements pertaining to FY 2017-18 onwards.

Addition of new field i.e. “Goods and Service Tax Number (GSTN)” under Batch Header (BH) of TDS/TCS statement

  • GSTN no. should be 15 digits alpha-numeric value. In case the number is less than 15 digits FVU will populate an error message “Invalid value. Please provide valid 15 digit GSTN.”
  • Applicable for regular and correction (C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5) statement pertains to all forms and FYs.

State code of employer made mandatory in all correction statements (i.e. all batches of correction statement)

  • All the correction statements should have employer/deductors state code under batch header (BH) field no. 26.

Change in validation for section code “194J – Fees for Professional or Technical Services” for Form 26Q:

  •  Remark ‘B’ is made applicable under this section which represents either no deduction or lower deduction.
  •  The same is applicable for the regular and C3 type of correction Statement pertaining to FY 2017- 18 onwards. This version of FVU is applicable with effect from October 07, 2017.

Saral TDS with above mentioned changes will be updated by day end today, users kindly run the WebUdpate to get the latest FVU changes.

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