Due Date for filing Form 15G/15H

Due Date for filing Form 15G/15H at the ITD Portal

June 13, 2016

The due date for filing Form 15G/15H at the ITD Portal has been notified by the CBDT.

The process of filing self-declaration forms 15G/15H was much talked in recent months with ITD simplifying the procedure making it online. However there were certain questions unanswered regarding the due date for filing Form 15G and Form 15H. 

CBDT has issued a notification dated 09th June 2016 clarifying the doubts on due date for filing Form 15G and Form 15H. Below table gives a clear indication of the due dates for declarations received from 1st April 2016 onward:

Date of ending of the quarter of the financial year Due Date
30th June 15th July
30th September 15th October
31st December 15th January
31st March 30th April


So the Due Date for filing Form 15G/15H for each quarter i.e, quarter 1 to quarter 3, is by the 15th of the next month, except in the case of the last quarter i.e, quarter 4 wherein the due date for filing Form 15G/15H is on the 30th of next month i.e, 30th April.

CBDT has also given instruction on filing Form 15G and Form 15H declarations received for the period from October 2015 to March 2016. In such cases, the payer shall furnish the statement of declarations received on or before 30th June 2016 with the ITD e-fling portal.

Notification from the CBDT.

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7 Responses to “Due Date for filing Form 15G/15H at the ITD Portal”

  1. Kameshwar M.V.

    Does it mean every individual has to submit 15G/15H quarterly & what is the use if any one submits form on 14th of the next month of the quarter by that time TDS might have been deducted

  2. G S Kishore

    It is for the compliance by the companies / organisations, who receive Form 15 G / H from the individuals, to upload with ITD to justify the reason why they have not deducted tax from such individuals. It is an extended arm for e-TDS quarterly returns compliance.


    Q1 TDS/TCS return filing date is 31/07/2016 as per your notified, what about 27E (TCS) filing dated is 31st or 15th only ??????????????????????????

    • subraya bjr

      For 27eq i.e. for tcs due date forfiling quarterly returns is 15th July for I quarter of 2016-17. There is no change.

  4. kali prasad

    How much is the penality per day for late filing of 15G/15H

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