Submitting a correction statement

Correction statement – Procedure of submission

February 15, 2016

Procedure to submit:

  1. The correction statement can be submitted to NSDL only through e-Filing.
  2. It can be submitted either through TIN-FC or through Online upload.
  3. The submission to TIN-FC carries
    1. A correction statement file [*.fvu]
    2. A declaration in Form 27A for the correction by the deductor.
    3. An Enclosure of Statistics’ report to Form 27A to certify the declaration for the “changes in correction”.
  4. PRN should be received for the correction statement too, for the future reference for the correction.

Return not accepted by TIN-FC:
If a return is not accepted by TIN-FC, deductor should collect the “non Acceptance memo” in the paper, duly signed by TIN-FC. This should be taken for rechecking the return file.

Form 27A:
In the case of correction, the declaration letter as per Rule 31A cannot contain the proper control totals of correction, as it may have multiple corrections. So NSDL asks the deductor to enclose the Statistics report with the Form 27A.

Batches in the Correction:
As there are multiple types of corrections allowed, the FVU file generated will have it in different batches. So the Statistics report generated by FVU will contain the correction details Batch-Wise so that deductor can refer to it easily.

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