Paperless PAN and TAN

Paperless PAN and TAN – registration made easier

August 11, 2016

Paperless PAN and TAN applications i.e., online application for PAN and TAN registration has been introduced by the CBDT. The primary objective of this initiative is to increase the speed at which PAN and TAN can be registered. 

According to the new process, the PAN and TAN which can be applied online will be allotted within one day of completion of validation. 

Paperless PAN and TAN – where to apply?

PAN and TAN for companies can be applied based on the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in the NSDL portal. 

Similarly, individual PAN can be applied based upon the e-signature in the Aadhar card has been made available in the NSDL website as well. 

Integrating Aadhar and PAN will not only provide ease of application of PAN online but also ensure that an individual does not have a duplicate PAN. 

Paperless PAN and TAN applications will make the process lot faster and also bring about a certain integrity to the process. 

Here is the official statement about the paperless PAN and TAN process. Also read more about a change which will get more subscribers under the EPFO

Link to:

  1. Apply PAN online
  2. Apply TAN online

(You will be routed to an external website i.e., NSDL website)


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