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m-Governance in India : epf mobile app for android users

February 8, 2016

m-Governance in India was an initiative which was started by the government of India to harness the widespread use of mobile phones in India. m-Governance is a subsidiary of e-Governance.

The major objective of m-Governance in India was to provide services and facilities via mobile technologies. It also includes providing uninterrupted access to the public services.

Recent years have seen a drastic change in the usage mobile phones all over India. Mobile phones are now being used even in the remote rural corners. This change in trends allows such initiative to be successfully implemented all over India. 

When explaining the move, the PF commissioner said that this is one of the steps to becoming a smoothly functioning, paperless organization. 

Following this initiative the EPFO has recently launched a mobile app, the mobile-epf app.

The app can be used for: 

  • Activation of UAN.
  • Access account to view the monthly details through the passbook. 

Also, EPF pensioners can access their disbursement details through the app.  

The m-governance in India is not just limited to the users who have smartphones.  For people who do not have access to the internet or smartphones, EPFO has provided the activation of UAN through SMS.

UAN activation through SMS: A member who requires activation needs to send an SMS as EPFOHO ACT,12 digit UAN,22 digit member ID to 7738299899. This will get the UAN activated. 

  • Eg: EPFOHO ACT,123456789876,XXYYY12345670007654321 
    • Please note that there is no space before or after the use of the comma in the SMS. 

Members who have been registered on the UAN portal can get their details my giving a missed call to this toll-free number – 01122901406. Note that the mobile number from which you are giving the missed call from has to be registered under your account.

If details such as PAN or Bank account number has been seeded in the UAN of the member, then he will get details about the last contribution and the PF balance as well.

So these are some of the recent facilities which have been made available by the EPFO as m-Governance in India. 

We have also included the links to download the app from the EPFO website as well as from Google play. 

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