CBDT has enabled e-filing

CBDT has enabled e-Filing for all the Income Tax Returns(ITR) Forms for AY 2015-16

August 8, 2015

CBDT has enabled e-Filing for all the Income Tax Returns(ITR) Forms for AY 2015-16. Below are the key changes observed.

  • All Bank accounts held by the assessee have to be reported.
  • Aadhaar number and passport number are required to be given in new ITR forms.
  • Introduced Filing return U/s 119(2)(b) pursuant to an order of CBDT .
  • For Non-Residents, details of income chargeable to tax under DTAA has to be reported in detail.
  • Additional reporting for Deemed STCG and Deemed LTCG viz., Previous year in which asset transferred, Section under which deduction claimed, Cost of New Asset, Amount unutilized Capital Gains account.
  • For ITR-5, Assessee has to furnish the details of change in the partners/members of the firm/AOP/BOI, as the case may be, during the previous year. Also rate interest and remuneration paid to partners has to be disclosed.
  • In ITR-5 and ITR-6, Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) and Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPI) are required to furnish their SEBI registration number.

 Saral TaxOffice and Saral Income Tax is updated with e-Filing of ITR-1, ITR-2A, ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4S and ITR-4, please update v10.05 to avail the same.

e-Filing for ITR-5 and ITR-7 will be enabled around 12th August,  followed by ITR-6 in the subsequent week.


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