FVU 5.0

FVU 5.0 version features and updation in Saral TDS

April 13, 2016

New File Validation Utility (FVU 5.0) has been released by NSDL for quarterly TDS/TCS statement filing, applicable from April 13th 2016.

FVU 5.0 Features:

The key features of File Validation Utility (FVU) version 5.0 is as follows:

  • Remark ‘B’ (No Deduction U/s 197A) is made applicable for Section code 192A (Payment of accumulated balance due to an employee) for Form 26Q.
  • New Section code 194IA (Payment on transfer of certain immovable property other than agricultural land) has been added under list of sections available under Form 26Q.
  • Incorporation of TAN and TAN name in the Challan Status Inquiry (i.e. .CSI) file and verification with the TDS/TCS statement during the time of validation through the FVU.
    • TAN: In case, the TAN of the Deductor/Collector as per .CSI file does not match with the TAN as per the TDS/TCS statement, FVU 5.0 will reject the TDS/TCS file and appropriate error message (Mismatch in present in the statement and .CSI file imported, kindly provide valid TAN) will be displayed to the user on validating the file through FVU.
    • TAN Name: In case, the TAN Name (i.e. Name of Deductor/Collector) as per .CSI file does not match with the name as per the TDS/TCS statement, FVU 5.0 will generate a displayed popup message as “Name of Deductor in the statement should exactly match the Name of Deductor as per TAN Master Database of ITD.”
  • Mandatory to mention Email ID and mobile number of Deductor/collector and responsible person in TDS/TCS Statement.
    • One of e-mail ids of Deductor/Collector or responsible person is required to be provided in the statement.
    • The value in the field ‘Mobile Number of responsible person’ is mandatory.
  • Change of State name from “ORISSA” to “ODISHA”.
  • The FVU 5.0 is applicable with effect from April 13, 2016.

SaralTDS has been updated with the above mentioned new version named, FVU 5.0. Please update the software to v16.01 to get the latest FVU ie FVU 5.0.

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5 Responses to “FVU 5.0 version features and updation in Saral TDS”

  1. Ramesh Sehgal

    Please give steps in changes in the existing software

    • RELYON

      Dear Mr. Debasish,

      Please visit our page “” for more information.

  2. Ramesh Sehgal

    Dear Sir,
    In thr income tax return if an assessed has two S.O.P house then how does he show deemed income in the second house as per the tax amendment, which your software does not provide this option in self occupied property. Please advice.
    Ramesh Sehgak

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